Suspect a learning disability or challenge?

Get a diagnosis, documentation, and personalized learning support - in just one month.

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Why work with Marker?

Designed by Experts

We worked with experts from top universities to develop the highest quality virtual assessment and learning support programs.

1 Month Turnaround

After the evaluation, you’ll receive a comprehensive diagnostic report and action plan within 30 days. No more waiting.

1/4 of the Cost

We work with the highest caliber psychologists and apply technology to make evaluations and continued support easier and more affordable.

End-to-End Support

Whether you need a diagnosis, advocacy support, tutoring or coaching, we’re here to support your entire learning journey.

Help is here.

In just 30 days, Marker provides clear diagnosis and certified documentation that can be used for IEP, 504 plans, and school or work accommodations. We’ll then match you with a tutor or coach who will work with you to build critical learning skills and confidence.

How it works.

Step 1


Get a free learning disability consultation. We'll get to know your unique history and offer personalized recommendations.
Step 2


We'll work around your schedule to schedule two virtual evaluations sessions with your psychologist.
Step 3


Your psychologist will conduct the psychoeducational evaluation and assess precise learning needs.
Step 4


With an accredited diagnosis and learning support options from Marker, you'll be on your way to a happier, healthier future.

A caring team of experts

Every Marker psychologist, tutor and coach is carefully selected and specifically trained to identify learning disabilities or teach using telehealth.

Meet the Team

“I have more clarity now. I didn’t want my diagnosis to be an excuse. Now I know exactly what I’m looking for. It’s been easier to pinpoint strategies, interventions and techniques instead of just google searching “why can’t I pay attention?”


“Natalie is more confident in herself. Now she knows what is happening with her, and why she would miss every answer on her tests – how she could complete the hardest part but mess up on the simplest thing. Now she has time to go over her tests”


“I really liked my psychologist. Originally I was concerned I had dyslexia and she actually explained why I had something else and what the difference was”


"Amarachi loves going to tutoring because she feels challenged and her self-esteem is growing by leaps and bounds. I look forward to her feedback and believe we are progressing thanks to Amy. We actually received a new report card and Amarachi made the A/B honor roll!"


Real Stories

& Real


Confidence at every age.

1 in 10 adults have an undiagnosed learning disability. By understanding how your brain functions and assessing cognitive abilities, Marker can help you get a clear diagnosis, understand your legal rights, and create a clear roadmap for success.

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Suspect a learning disability or challenge?