Hi, we're Marker.

Why We're Here

One in five students has a learning disability, yet 1/20 actually gets diagnosed. Undiagnosed students are more likely to suffer from poor self-esteem, anxiety, and depression, drop out of school, and be unemployed later in life.

We started Marker because the current learning disability support system is broken.

Who We Are

We are a team of psychologists, teachers, parents and empathetic experts who have all personally been touched by or have had our lives permanently affected by a learning disability (see our CEO Stefan’s story below).

So whether you’re an individual, a parent, or a school administrator, our mission is to democratize access to high quality learning assessments and services.

Future’s so bright.

If you, your child, or your student is struggling, they’re not alone—in fact, they’re in stellar company. Some of the greatest minds in history were known to have learning challenges, and you may have heard of a few: Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Octavia Spencer and Steven Spielberg…just to name a few.

Full potential, achieved.

Meet Stefan, Our Founder + CEO.

In his early teens, Stefan struggled to succeed in school. Stefan’s mom, Jayne, made it her mission to figure out why her intelligent son was failing. After months of navigating the school system and thousands of dollars spent on a learning disability evaluation, Stefan was diagnosed with dyslexia. An accurate diagnosis completely changed his trajectory from potential high school dropout to Yale graduate. Jayne passed away before Stefan's graduation, but Marker is carrying on her legacy to help all students get the learning support they need.

Meet a few of our experts.

Dr. Dot Moore

Clinical Associate Director & School Psychologist

Dr. Dot Moore has been a practicing school psychologist for 15 years working in public, private and charter school across the nation. Dr. Dot has her Masters of Education in School Psychology from Howard University and her Doctor of Education in Organizational Change and Leadership from University of Southern California.

Dr. Sabrina Braham


Dr. Braham comes to Marker from Stanford where she practices as a pediatrician. Beyond providing excellent medical care to families, she sees her role as a child and family advocate, supporting parents in every aspect of raising healthy, happy and thriving children.

Monica McHale-Small


Monica McHale-Small is the Director of Education for the Learning Disabilities Association of America and an Adjunct Associate Professor of School Psychology at Temple University. Monica was a public educator for 27 years. She earned her doctorate and masters’ degrees from University of Pennsylvania.

Dr. Kelli Sandman Hurley


Dr. Hurley is the co-founder of the Dyslexia Training Institute and an acclaimed author. She is a certified special education advocate, training others how to advocate for students in the public education system. Dr. Kelli has a doctorate in Education and a Masters in Linguistics. She has studied and teaches the Orton Gillingham and Structured Word Inquiry tutoring approaches.

Dr. Jim D'Alessandro

Psychologist Advisor

Dr. D’Alessandro has close to 20 years of clinical experience. He is a licensed clinical psychologist as well as a certified school psychologist. He holds a doctoral degree from the University of Hartford and master’s degrees both from University of Hartford and Marist College.

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Say hello to a few members of our team.

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